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eReleases provides small and mid-sized companies deserved personal attention and well written press release services that are available on an “a la carte” as-needed basis without commitment and without retainers.


Many press release services offer “National Distribution” but in reality they only offer state or regional distribution through a major newswire and utilize “privately collected” national sources of distribution. eReleases is the only service that has an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire to distribute press releases through a custom tier-1 distribution.


Companies are in need of professional press releases during the busy holiday season so take advantage of this demand by promoting eReleases.com on your blogs and social media sites. Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. to share your promotions and posts and to generate new traffic and connections.


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The Most Effective Press Release Service You can Use: eReleases.com
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Let the World Know About Your Company with eReleases – The Most Effective Press Release Service!
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