CJ Affiliates: Promote Guilt-Free, High Protein, High Fiber, Low Fat, Heart-Healthy Treats for Dad this Father’s Day from Vitalicious!

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June has arrived and the weather is warming up! Summertime is on the horizon and it is at this time of year that your visitors are craving delicious baked goods from Vitalicious that are healthy and delicious baked goods that are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. 


With Father’s Day coming up, why not promote tasty gifts for Dad from Vitalicious.com? Dad will really appreciate a gift that encourages his goals for a healthier lifestyle and Vitalicious can help by providing all-natural, low-fat, high-fiber baked goods! Suggest to your visitors that they fill a gift bag or basket with tasty and nutritious snacks would make a great gift for anyone, including Dad!

Today’s newsletter, includes some current promotions for you to share with those in your social network who may be searching for a more healthful gift option for Dad. Promote Father’s Day on your blogs and websites and suggest to your visitors, the benefits of choosing Vitalicious products for Father’s Day! 


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