CJ Affiliates: Promote Gentech’s Award Winning Designer Pharmacological Alternatives!

For over 25 years, Gentech has been perfecting and improving current medications and OTC formulations to produce “designer pharmacological alternatives” that are safe and effective and without many of the negative side effects often associated with the more known brands. Gentech’s award-winning products and proprietary formulations have been used in the creation of products ranging from prescriptions, shampoos, conditioners and vitamins to functional beverages.  


Please continue promoting ADDTabz and PhenTabzTeen, and remind your viewers that Gentech has quality products specifically formulated for:

  • Teen Weight Loss
  • Cognitive Enhancement
  • Doctor Prescribed Weight Loss
  • OTC Weight Loss


Many of our affiliates have already emailed me requesting some FREE CONTENT to post on their sites to help them promote Gentech. If you haven’t contacted me yet, please email me today and I will send you a Gentech article to share with your viewers.



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