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Phonics instruction emphasizes the correlation of letters to sounds and how to use this knowledge in reading and spelling. Systematic phonics instruction helps children make associations between letters and sounds using a controlled vocabulary to build upon taught skill sets. The National Reading Panel (NRP) has determined that systematic phonics instruction leads to significant and positive benefits for students in kindergarten through sixth grade and for children with difficulty learning to read. 


The Hooked on PhonicLearn-to-Read program builds reading skills methodically from letters to sounds, then to words and sentences, and ultimately to reading fluency. The educational specialists at Hooked on Phonics have teamed up with award-winning authors an illustrators to create the best Learn to Read program that our affiliates can feel confident promoting.


This summer, please continue to promote the award-winning Learn-to-Read program from Hooked on Phonics to parents and educators interested in helping children stay on track with their literacy skills over the summer months.


Remind your viewers that they can try out the Hooked on Phonics Learn-to-Read program with a  30-Day Risk-Free Trial for only $14.95. The new streamlined landing page has been simplified to make the ordering process for your viewers, much more user-friendly.


Remember, when you promote the Learn-to-Read program you can earn a $10 first sale BONUS, and on average, $30 – $40 in commissions for each Learn To Read sale promoted through CJ.


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