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Did you know that Christopher Columbus almost didn’t live long enough to become famous? In his early twenties, he nearly drowned at sea when the merchant ship he worked on was sunk by French privateers (a fancy name for government sponsored pirates). Columbus clung to a scrap of wood and eventually made his way to shore. About 16 years later, he set sail aboard the flagship, the Santa Maria, in search of a new and more expedient route to Asia, or so he thought. Thanks to a wrong turn somewhere out at sea, here we are, 521 years later, promoting Columbus Day coupons to all of our beloved friends, fans and subscribers. Who could have predicted such an outcome? Go ahead and embark on your own journey for riches (ie. affiliate commissions) by telling your friends, fans and subscribers about the Columbus Day coupon code worth 15% OFF TOTAL PURCHASE when they shop at Premiumecigarette.com NOW – MONDAYOCTOBER 14th.


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