CJ Affiliates: Final Exams and College Boards Require Dedicated Focus! Promote ADDTabz from Gentech!



Gentech™ – The most trusted name in designer pharmacology is leading the way with state of the art technologies that provide safe and effective prescription and non prescription pharmaceutical products.


We’ve had a great response from our affiliates who were excited to receive a free Gentech article to post on their websites and social media pages. If you haven’t yet requested a copy, please email me at: gentech@experienceadvertising.com. Posting fresh and unique content on your blogs and other sites is a great way to drive traffic to your sites.


Our affiliates are also bringing in some great sales on Gentech’s premier designer pharmacological alternatives. It’s that time of year when students are preparing for final exams and college entrance exams and mental focus is a priority. ADDTabz are a big seller now so keep your promotions fresh and visible to your viewers and take advantage of the boost in sales that we typically see in the Spring.


Bathing suit weather has already arrived in many states making PhenTabzTeen another popular seller for our affiliates! May is a great month for sales all around, so don’t delay in posting a few text and banner ads from  your CJ account!




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