CJ Affiliates: 2014 Travel Plans Are In The Works! Are Your Visitors Protected? Promote Travelex Travel Insurance Today!


I hope you enjoyed a peaceful and happy holiday week!


It’s hard to believe that 2014 is just days away and soon we will all be celebrating the start of a new year. I’d like to thank you for being a part of our affiliate team on CJ and for promoting affordable travel insurance from Travelex. We look forward to your continued success as an affiliate marketer and to having you on our CJ team in 2014!


With over 55 years of experience protecting travel investments from the unknown, Travelex is a world leader in travel insurance. Travelex travel insurance plans anticipate the coverage needed while customized upgrades offer the ultimate in travel insurance security.


After the new year, many folks will begin making spring break and summer travel plans so please remind your visitors of the value and peace of mind they will receive from securing travel insurance coverage from Travelex. To promote Travelex, please log into your CJ account to access a variety of text and banner ads you can post on your blogs and social media sites.


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