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Home Improvement Portal ContractorsNow Launches with Experience Advertising

By CEO and Founder / 3:13 am

We are please to announce that ContractorsNow.net has hired Experience Advertising to handle all of their online marketing, web design, creative services, and affiliate management. ContractorsNow is a leading home improvement and remodeling portal and is a growing site. We are very please to be adding ContractorsNow to our family of web properties under management.…

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Online Survey Company ECNResearch Luanches with Experience Advertising

By CEO and Founder / 1:42 am

Experience Advertising has signed ECNResearch.com to handle all of their affiliate marketing activities. This includes managing and recruiting to build their affiliate program. ECNResearch is one of top online survey companies and has been one of the largest for several years. Experience Advertising will also provide creative services as well as partnership recruiting for ECN.…

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Fox May Be Looking to Purchase LinkedIn

By CEO and Founder / 1:14 am

My favorite netowrking site, LinkedIn, could be the gobbled up by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. This would be a great acquisition in my opinion due to the fact that LinkedIn is the best social network for business users out there. I have always loved this site, I have over 1000 connections and 60+ recommendations. Referring…

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Insurazon.com – Health Insurance Lead Generation for Affiliates/Publishers

By CEO and Founder / 4:49 am

Experience Advertising has recently brought on Insurazon.com, the leader in health insurance lead generation, as a client. Insurazon has been online since 2002. If you would like to partner with Insurazon.com, please let us know by contact us.

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Commission Junction – The Best Affiliate Network of the All?

By CEO and Founder / 4:40 am

Commission Junction, also known as CJ, has reach epic status in my opinion. They boast a tremendous amount of quality Merchants and all the best Affiliates on the Internet. They have an excellent management system for Advertisers to manage their affiliates. They provide all the tools you could possibly want or need to take your…

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Best Affiliate Programs – How to Find the Best Affiliate Programs

By CEO and Founder / 5:05 am

There are many great affiliate programs to choose from. Most affiliates are members of several hundred affiliate programs at once. Via Commission Junction or Linkshare, affiliate can join a multitude of affiliate programs at once and then choose the ones they want to promote. Its hard to narrow it down to a few affiliate programs,…

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Top Affiliate Programs – What are the Top Associate Programs?

By CEO and Founder / 4:57 am

When looking for affiliate programs to participate in, one would naturally want to join the top programs. however, this isn’t always the best strategy due to the over-saturation of affiliates in certain affiliate niches. when looking for the top affiliate programs you should look for good converting programs. In Commission Junction, they give you a…

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Affiliate Program – What is an Affiliate Program?

By CEO and Founder / 4:49 am

An affiliate program utilizes online tracking technology to reward webmasters for referring buyers to online merchants.  Affiliate programs have been around almost 10 years and have come a very long way in proliferating into the mainstream of webmasters. Early on, affiliate program tracking links were thought to be unreliable, but affiliate programs have grown to such…

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Find Super Affiliates with T3Reports – Super Affiliate Finding Tool

By CEO and Founder / 1:49 am

Do you want to find all the best super-affiliates on the planet for your affiliate program? Of course you do! After years of development there is a new tool that lets you find all the biggest and best affiliates of your competitors or the biggest affiliate programs on the internet. It’s called T3 Report. This…

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Huge Affiliate Sales Contest from Date.com – iPhones and Cash!

By CEO and Founder / 1:21 am

This is tremendous! Date.com, a recent client of Experience Advertising, is holding a huge affiliate sales contest through December 31, 2007. Apple iPhone to the top 4 affiliates. 10 $100 cash prizes to a random 10 affiliates that produce at least 1 sale in the contest period. This contest applies to Date.com, MatchMaker.com, Amor.com and…

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