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Affiliate Program Case Study: Picture Perfect Affiliate Marketing Channel Sales Growth on the CJ Affiliate Network

I wanted to share with you a sales performance chart from one of my agency’s clients running their affiliate program on the Commission…
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Affiliate Program Case Study: 100%+ Year Over Year Growth with No Coupon Affiliates

If you have ever had an affiliate program or wanted a really productive affiliate program, you know how hard it is to grow…
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Affiliate Marketing Case Study: Dramatic Affiliate Program Growth Using Relevant Publishers Only

These affiliate channel charts come from an affiliate program my agency, Experience Advertising, manages on one of the largest affiliate networks in the…
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Affiliate Program Case Study: 520% Growth Since Taking Over OPM Management in 4 Months

One of the main reasons that the affiliate programs we manage perform so well is that the affiliate messaging we implement really motivates…
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One Amazing Affiliate Sends CJ Program Soaring in Month 3

Affiliate Marketing represents a fantastic opportunity for merchants and advertisers to rocket their sales and new customer acquisition into the stratosphere. It doesn’t…
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