Article Marketing – How To Make Profit Using Redirecting Pages

A very simple tutorial which will lead you to earn money online via article marketing, an author at EzineArticles is using .info domain names and simply redirecting them to affiliate pages (mainly ClickBank products) to make money.

Let’s take a look at his article tactics which we got from One of his article:


The first thing you should notice about all of his articles is the title. For example, his typical article title for his niches are :

The Best Insomnia Cure
Dealing With Consistent Headaches
3 Ways To Cure Insomnia

Notice his article titles are capitalized which can help draw the reader to the article title. However, let’s focus on the body of his articles and see what he is doing.

Here is just one of his many articles and as you can see you should notice several things as shown:


As you can see the first thing you should notice is the Article title. The words are capitalized. A good article title can help to draw attention and this Author has capitalized the headline. However, the body of the article could be improved since the article is just 255 words. A good article can be between 300-500+ words with good solid content.
You should also notice the key thing here. This Author is buying cheap .info domain names for as little as 99 cents (from GoDaddy) and redirecting them to clickbank products.

However, if you notice his resource box he could have said something more attractive like:
“You can finally overcome your painful rotator cuff injury by downloading our Special LIMITED or FREE report at [[URL LINK]]".

This can help draw the reader to click on the URL link once they have finished reading the article since we are targeting people with a “problem” and our article is supposed to be “the solution”.  The Author is using certain tactics to help draw the reader to click on the URL link. The format of his articles are excellent, it talks about the subject and the benefits and also the problems.

He is using again a .info domain name which is redirecting to an affiliate link. EzineArticles allows people to redirect their domain name to an affiliate link in this format but not in this format

As you can see this Author again uses the same style to draw the reader to click on the URL. So he is simply buying cheap .info domain names regarding his niche and redirecting them to a good affiliate Clickbank product that would convert to a sale.

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