Annie’s Costumes / Extreme Halloween Affiliate Marketing Guide

About Annie’s Costumes:, and the ExtremeHalloween network of sites, is a well-establish company of over 10 years, with a great converting e-commerce portal featuring a large product selection and great pricing. Their products include: costumes, wigs, make-up, and numerous accessories for every possible event or holiday. In addition, Annies offers costumes in niches like: babies, children, teens, adults and even pets. They offer an extremely wide variety of costumes to ensure that regardless of what your visitors are looking for they will find it and at a great price too!

In addition to offering an amazing Halloween costume product line, Annie’s offers costumes and accessories for every possible occasion including: Christmas, Valentines Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Purim. They even offer costumes of famous historical figures, in the event children need to give a well-prepared presentation on the figure for school or an event. There are so many popular niches you can promote from Annie’s Costumes, you will never run out of ideas!

About the Affiliate Program:

Annie’s performs extremely well in the months leading up to Halloween (July-October), but there are numerous reasons why this offer converts all year round. Obviously, leading up to Halloween the costumes niche booms, as search traffic goes through the roof. So you have to be heavily promoting costumes 3-4 months prior to Halloween to take full advantage. Also, right after Halloween, many visitors will flock back to the Internet to save money on their next year’s costume at a discount. They also look for Santa suits and Thanksgiving costumes and other seasonal costumes for November-December. Consumers also like dressing up for New Years, so that can be promoted or blogged about as well on your sites. Annie’s will normally have sales going on, so check on the current promotions and coupon codes. Posting coupons is a great way to increase conversion rates of your visitors.

Since Annie’s offers much more than just Halloween costumes, this program will work leading up to any holiday if you promote it to the right audience in the right way. You can build pages on your site dedicated to promoting Halloween itself or each seasonal event that may require costumes. Theater troupes are always looking for costumes and makeup all year long for shows they are doing, so the theater niche can be targeted as well with pages, articles, and social postings.

Payout Structure:

The program pays a sliding scale between 10% and 15% based on monthly sales.

Keyword Research:

You Can Use the Google Keyword Tool Here

We have done quite a bit of keyword research for you relating to costumes, wigs, and makeup. However feel free to conduct your own keyword research to discover hidden gems and obscure phrases you can get a page ranked for. When building your site or blog or adding pages to current sites, it is best to be rational about what types of keywords you can compete with in the organic search results and through paid search. For Annie’s Costumes, you may not want to target something as popular as “Halloween Costumes” with paid search, but you surely want to target that phrase on your site for organics, and every phrase related to it. If you launch a niche costumes site you will target Halloween costumes and every other popular phrase related to it by adding articles and posts about different types of costumes.

You can basically promote any product Annie’s sells, so you may want to research how popular certain products many be and the phrases related to them. Use your intuition and whatever is popular with kids they probably have a costume for. Here are some ideas to get your additional keyword research started: What are some hot characters recently? If children are bugging their parents to get them a costume of the hottest character for Halloween, people will be searching for it. Some examples include Sponge Bob Halloween Costume and Dora the Explorer Halloween Costume. These may, or may not be hot characters at the moment, but when you get creative you can easily build a list of very highly targeted keywords based on the current popular characters and include them in your keyword list and as pages on your site. You can build pages on your site specifically targeting these characters and develop good content to include on the page. This is good for SEO and building search engine rankings for your site. You should seek to build as many targeted pages of content on your site for as many individual niches as possible. Ideas for pages of descriptive content or reviews you can add to your site include: product categories, seasonal events, and actual products. In addition to targeting the Halloween Costume niche, try targeting the holidays that most people wouldn’t think to promote costumes for (such as St. Patrick’s Day or Easter.) Again, the more creative you get with your keyword thought process, the more effective keywords you will generate. Contact us for a list of pre-research popular phrases.

Ideas for Article Topics:

Writing articles is probably the best way to build long-term, sustained web traffic which can be built over time. Articles can be used on you own site to generate traffic and also can be submitted to article directories. However, I usually recommend posting each unique article to one site. Writing a few articles on the same topic you want to target and spreading them around is a good strategy. Make sure to vary the titles and content for each. Leveraging original content on your own sites and through article directories should be a major part of your SEO strategy, as the search engines love original content and lots of it. Once you have done your keyword research and know what you want to write about you can now brainstorm some quality article titles to use. Simply ensure that your keyword is being mentioned in your article title, and again in your article. Don’t mention your targeted keyword phrase more than a couple of times in your page content, but mention related phrases in the copy.
Here are some sample article title ideas:

The 5 Hottest Costumes for this Halloween Season
5 Reasons (Sponge bob, Dora the Explorer, etc.) Halloween Costumes Are In Demand
3 Tips to Selecting a Comfortable, and Attractive Mardi Gras costume.
10 Way to Save Money when Have a Halloween Party
Where to Find the Best Deals on Theater Makeup

Again, use your creativity to your benefit. If you are targeting keywords that people are searching for, but no one else is marketing to, you will be able to more easily generate traffic for those terms and therefore affiliate sales. If you bid in the paid search for more obscure products or phrases or can get an ROI on a low bid amount. Everything should be tested on a low spend to see what converts though paid search for you.

Best Ways to Promote Annie’s Costumes: Annie’s can be promoted in a number of ways including: SEO, paid search, Facebook Ads, Social Media/Networking, and in your opted-in email newsletter.

SEO – building sites and blogs promoting costumes, holidays, and popular characters will attract the kind of visitors that buy Annie’s products. Focus on producing as much original content as possible to attract the search engines and achieve higher rankings in the organic search results.
Paid Search – Pay-per-click can be effect to promote Annie’s especially in the the months leading up to Halloween. Make sure to have all your promotions related to Halloween in high-gear at this time. Develop as much content as possible to attract more visitors.

Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads can work with Annie’s because you can really target demographically and with keywords. Be careful how much you spend and make sure to track everything properly and measure your ROI.

Social Media – You should absolutely be using Twitter and Facebook to promote your you affiliate stuff in general. If you are passionate about the niche I recommend creating an entity on Twitter and a Facebook Fan page for your costume site promotions. Then add the Follow on Twitter and join our Fan Page icons to your sites/blogs promoting Annies. This will increase the number of the potential people you can interact with and promote to later on.

Newsletters – Building your newsletter list on your site should always be a major priority. Once you have some newsletter subscribers you can send them nice newsletters with affiliate ads in them. Make sure to follow Can Spam 2003 rules and regulations by allowing them to unsubscribe from your list and being non-deceptive with the message itself.

Word Of Mouth – Word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to spread the word about your site or blog. Tell everyone to visit your site, which is why you should probably have a domain name of your own to promote to others.

These are but a few strategies to promote Annie’s Costumes. Please contact us for more strategies or to work one-on-one with an affiliate manager. Thanks and have a great day!

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