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I wanted to share with you a sales performance chart from one of my agency’s clients running their affiliate program on the Commission Junction (CJ) Network. As you can see the sales have increased every month since the account was launched. This was done without any coupon affiliates or toolbar publishers what so ever (the site doesn’t offer coupons, so they aren’t relevant). Only relevant content websites and review-type websites on the CJ Network are being utilized to drive these sales for these advertiser.

So what affiliate recruiting and management processes were utilized you may ask?

1. Proactively sending offers to relevant publishers on the network.
2. Sending email invites to publishers by category through the network.
3. Personally inviting web publishers and affiliate marketers that we already work with.
4. Sending friendly, engaging, well-designed affiliate newsletters to all the publishers in the program on a weekly basis.
5. Offering a performance incentive to publishers to earn more by hitting sales goals.
6. Running paid ad placements with select relevant publishers and bloggers in the program. Including: on-site, newsletter, social media, and web content.
7. Offering bonuses for participation in the program (an “activation campaign”).

All of these affiliate management processes and procedures are proven effective ways to grow an affiliate program and increase production of the company’s affiliate channel. In this case, the growth of sales and recruitment of publishers fell into the right seasonal environment, so every month sales have basically increased. However, it doesn’t always work out like this. The amount of relevant web publishers and the conversion rate of the traffic the publishers are sending to the advertiser heavily influence the performance, and how well it gains “traction.” This is general how it should look though if enough publishers are recruited and proactive strategies are utilized to increase production.

In my opinion my agency, Experience Advertising, is the best agency for growing CJ Network accounts. I can only represent what I know works from 10+ years of experience managing affiliate programs. But it’s always a work in progress that needs to improve over time.

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