Adsense – 7 Jewel Tips

Nodoubt that Adsense is one of the most popular way to make your fortune and there is a lot of buzz about this program. There are people who are making millions with Adsense and there on the other side, losers are making only $10 a month or even less than that.
In reality, millionaires and other successful people are having more than 50 websites, maybe 200-500 websites also. Few people do have couple of websites are they are still earning worthly more than us.

To make more and more money, they key thing is to build an empire. Don’t just stick with one website and try to build several websites whenever you are free or you have some cash in your pocket to throw, in this way you will achieve the target which you desire. Although it is not easy to accomplish the success, but you need to work out and don’t just sit on your bum, relaxing in a cool environment, think about making your own empire by establishing different kinds of websites.

Briefly, just scroll down and read my working Adsense tips:

  1. The best Adsense performing banner is the large rectangle. This banner has been tested from time to time and it is still the most popular ad size available.
  2. The color for the link is "Blue". People often knows that blue color is the Click Me color and they usually click the link which would turn into a couple of dollars for you if you get multiple unique clicks.
  3. Full wide banner type also works pretty well, just put the full banner above the content of your website. Maybe it will work for you too as it is working for others.
  4. Keywords and related content are really critical if you want serious high paying clicks. You need to target the costly keywords and work on it and have the content that matches with the keywords.
  5. You need targeted audience to generate high click-through rate, usually 1%-3% CTR is useless as there are people out there which sees around 30% CTR. But anything around 6%-15% CTR really works well.
  6. You have to track the ads, try changing your ad colors, sizes, placement time to time. If you don’t test and track, you’re flying yourself blindly.
  7. Start building new sites and establish an empire, Grass won’t grow until your pore seeds and water.

Remember, the key thing here is to shuffle ad placement, size etc to see which works the best for you and always be loyal, don’t ever try to over-smart Adsense as their rocket-scientist will catch you someday. Nothing is better than establishing a trusted relationship and Google won’t hurt you if you are loyal to them.

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