8 Useful Social Bookmarking Tips


Although it is true that Social Bokmarking is one of the finest ways to drive free and unique traffic to your website but it is merely impossible to get the free traffic without doing any sort of work or just sitting on your bum and hoping that Oh I have submitted my URL and let others bow down infront of my website and submit them too, don’t ever think that!
Social Bookmarking requires a lot of effort, time and friends. Otherwise, take your journey to another stop because social bookmarking won’t work for you if you don’t have any time or friends.

Here are some of the useful social bookmarking tips which will give you a inherit boost regarding social bookmarking:

  1. Firstly, submit your website to all major social bookmarking websites. To do this, goto www.socialmarker.com and start submitting your website.
  2. Tell your friends to do the same, and tell them to tell their friends about your website so that, your website lists at a higher peak.
  3. Never ever submit those stories or web pages which you think are un-useful for others. People would only start telling about your website or web page when they see that there is something unique and really mindful which they cannot find anywhere very easily.
  4. Be the first to add some latest videos from the park of WWE, TV Commercials, Movie Teasers & Commercials etc and submit it as soon as possible.
  5. Don’t try to be oversmart and never submit your website or web pages by using multiple accounts based on a same IP Address.
  6. Try to keep your website user-friendly and avoid ad hasslements, popups and other junkies which visitors would not like. They will possibly close your page without even bothering to read it.
  7. Exchange links with other webmasters. Tell them to submit your website and you do the same for them, that’s Socialism! 🙂
  8. Finally, drop a social bookmarking plugin or button on your website. http://www.addthis.com would do the trick for you. Maybe someday you will get enormous visitors.

Besides the above tips, there are various other do’s and dont’s regarding social bookmarking but keep in mind that "Pre-Caution is better than Cure". Avoid cheating social bookmarking websites and try to stay away from blackhat tactics.

Happy Social Bookmarking and Free Traffic!

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  1. andyb on at 5:08 am

    You can also combine bookmarking and blogging using http://www.jamespot.com or http://www.twine.com which are much more directed to their community and to the dialog between users.

  2. Masthideals on at 9:31 am

    Social bookmarking sites really helpful for getting traffic. Thanks for sharing tips for use proper way to social bookmarking sites.

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