6 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook represents the biggest opportunity maybe ever to interact with people, your customers, and others with whom you would like to start a relationship. Building your Facebook Fan Page is an absolute must in this day and age for any company, website owner, business owner, or blogger. You can never have too many fans because they always can be re-marketed to later with specials, promotions, and interesting news. Here are some great ways to build your Facebook Fan Page:

1. Advertising on Facebook – one of the best ways to build your Facebook Fans is to actually advertise on Facebook for fans. This is particularly effective because you can target your ads based on people’s Like and Interests, which makes it really targeted and relevant. Advertising for Fans costs money per click or per thousand ad impressions, so you have to make sure you control your budget and plan your strategy. I highly recommending keeping an ad campaign for Fans running at all times to keep up the branding and fan acquisition. You have to try various likes and interests to see which pulls fans best, and you should change up your targeting periodically because your ads can get burned out. So keep it fresh and it will pull Fans really well for you.

2. On Your Site – Promoting the Facebook Fan widget on your site is a great way to expose your Fan page content, with a Like button, right in the layout of your site. This works really well for blogs because most have a side bar that the widget can be dropped into relatively easily. Regular sites and drop the widget into their articles section sidebar. This allows you to capitalize more so on your web traffic and grow your Fan base. You can also drop the Facebook “Follow Us on Facebook” button on your site either in the header or footer and that will attract some fans for you as well.

3. Your Customers/Members/Subscribers – marketing your Facebook Fan Page to your actual customers or members is a must. You can send a dedicated email blast to all your current or previous customers/members and let them know to “Like” your Fan Page. You can run a Fan Page promotion or contest to your customers, subscribers, or members. Companies give away prizes and free merchandise to the winners of their contests and promotions, which will increase the number of Fans that enter to try to win. It’s usually effective because people are always trying to win something and it takes little effort usually to participate in the promotion.

4. Auto-responders – including a link to join your Fan Page in your website’s email auto-responders is a great idea because these emails are usually pretty basic without must substance other than thanking the customer for their purchase or thanking them for subscribing to the newsletters, so dropping a text link into these type of emails can take advantage of this opportunity to build your Fan base.

5. Messaging Your Facebook Friends – one of the of the easiest way to build your Fan is to ask your Facebook Friends to come and join your Fan Page. This can be done in the left column of your Fan Page by clicking “Suggest to Friends.” Doing this is a great way to really boost your Fan Page numbers. Also, you can suggest to your Fans and Friends that they do the same thing, which can really help it go viral.

6. Growing On Its Own – when you start employing all these methods for growing your Fans and they start clicking the Like button, their Friends will see this and could click Like as well. So the more you market your Fan Page, the more it can go viral by all the friends of your new Fans seeing this. Also, when you post status updates to your Fans and they click to Like, Comment, or Share your status update, their Friends will see that and could Like your Fan Page as well. Once you start promoting your Fan Page like crazy, this spill over effect will really increase and your Fan base will grow big time.

These are but a few ways to grow your Facebook Fans. Make sure to put a lot of planning and effort into growing your Fans and it will pay big dividends down the road. If you haven’t yet started your Fan Page, you can do so by clicking here. Now go out there and build out your Fans and start interacting!

CEO and Founder

Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.


  1. Mike on at 3:38 pm

    Hey Evan, great recommendations.

    I have a suggestion to add to your #4….
    I was able to grow my Facebook Fanpage by offering a free FB Toolbar as a bribe to entice passers by on my site to submit their email address so I can market to them. If they entered their email and dl the toolbar, they are obviously FB users, so I could then hit them with (offers) on my autoresponder and mention “like my page” at the bottom.

    Yes, I know Facebook offers a toolbar, but many Facebook users dont. I found a different one for free that I can host myself and offer in exchange for an email address or whatever I wish to do on my site and it is different than the one that FB offers, so people are intrigued – everyone wants to have ‘the new thing’. Besides, it works excellent, and is a free way to ‘bribe’ new signups to my page as well. I’m sure you all can think of many other ways of utilizing the toolbar bribe also…you know… package it as a bonus with a Facebook product, etc…

    Hope that helps.

  2. Affiliate Management on at 8:16 pm

    interesting concept…

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