5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Social Networking

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Hi there! Social networking has engulfed our lives, so why not maximize your presence and reach on the social networks, since you spend time there anyways. Not to mention how incredibly powerful the social networks are at reaching people. Before the days of Facebook and Twitter, there was Plaxo and Linkedin, which started as simply ways of exchanging contact information and vcards. Personally, I embraced these technologies because at the time I was very into business development and connecting with people to promote the company I was with at the time. But I definitely saw the potential and tried to maximize them for all they were worth, which resulted in acquiring a lot of contacts over the years. Nowadays, Facebook and Twitter dominate the landscape and LinkedIn has stepped its game up recently, Plaxo too but much less used, although still useful. Here are some good ways to ramp up your social networking activities to better take advantage of the opportunity:

1. Social Karma – I’m sure this term is being used for something, but I like to use “social karma” to describe what happens reciprocally when you proactively interact with other people’s social postings and status updates. Facebook and Twitter have forced people to interact socially online and will continue to compel people to be online more because this is how they make more money. I have found, through being a proactive social networker, that the more you interact with others doing things like: Liking, Sharing, Commenting, and Retweeting of their content and postings, the more they will return the favor when you post something. Usually the more compelling a post it is the more likely it will be interacted with, but in general the more you make the effort the more that will be returned, which exposes your content to their streams. In my opinion you can never be proactive enough with your friends and followers. It’s something that has to be focused on and made part of your daily routine. Once you start really interacting proactively with others, you will see them return the favor and your content will be shared to more people.

2. Adding Friends – All the social networks have made it pretty easy to add friends and contacts to your social profiles. You can even connect network with network and cross-invite people to your networks. One of the best ways to ramp your connections is using the Add Friends from your email contact list. This can pull a huge list into your invites and blasts them all an invitation. You may need to clean out the people in your invite list you don’t want to connect with socially. You can also add friends right on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as most other networks, that you see suggested to you or that other people are connected to. Be outgoing and click Add Friend as much as possibly and you will build your friends quickly. On Twitter they have great search features for finding other people you can follow with similar interests, or that are following people you know. It does take time and effort, but well worth it.

3. Be Brilliant and Helpful – Most people use Facebook for sharing their personal and family stuff, which is great, so when you post business related or informational content on an industry it should be really compelling in order to peak people’s interest. There are always going to be some people you are connected to that don’t care about your business postings and will never interact, but there are plenty of people that might just interact if your content is either helpful, informational, or just plain brilliant. The more compelling your content is the more people will interact, but you can’t count on it happening, you just have to try hard and be as frequent to possible to illicit a response (but don’t post your same content repeatedly, maybe twice at the most). People also like helpful, informative articles that enhance their understanding of a subject or provide some new information they can become hip to. You should mix in a good amount of helpful articles into your stream so you’re not always self-promoting.

4. Fan Page – Everyone should operate their own Facebook Fan Page if not more than one. You should have one for your company, website, blog, group, organization, whatever it may be you should really focus on growing and building out your Fan Page. Fan Pages are great because they can really grow if people like your company/service or your content is good. Make sure to load up your photo section (quick content), videos if you have them, and really build out your Discussion area, as they tend to have great Google rankings. Fans can be advertised for as well. By running a Facebook advertising campaign you can add additional targeted fans that “like” certain core keyword phrases and entities. This does cost money, but is an awesome way to expand your reach and then get back in front of them with status updates and direct email messages. You can even make a nice custom Welcome Page for new fans that encourages them to click the Like button. So building up your Fan Page should be a really high priority for any business, website, or organization. You can never have too many fans!

5. Be Positive! – the world is filled with bad stuff happening and there is so much negativity out there these days, so make sure to have a great attitude and be positive when you are social networking. Put good energy out there into the social networking environment and people will jive with your good vibrations. It’s always a good idea to encourage people and be that uplifting voice that makes people feel good or better. Nobody likes gloom and doom on social networks…so be optimistic and excited with your social postings and people will gravitate towards you, not to mention share your content!

These are a few ways to maximize your social networking activities. I mean you are spending time there anyways, you might as well get the most out of it. Look at it like any part of your work day or productivity and try to increase your effectiveness and efficiency. The social networks will be working hard to force people to be on social networks more, so why not take advantage of that and ramp up your social networking! Thanks for reading, please let me know what you think by commenting below. Also, make sure to share this topic on your social networks. Have a great day!

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Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.


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    One other possible tip is to make it easier for you to manage the time spent on social media. a platform like hootsuite or tweetdeck can allow you to see whats happening on multiple channels, allows you to create searches and filters so you can focus on finding and interacting with the types of topics most valuable to you or your customers and gives you the option of scheduling your posts for future times or repeating a good resource for social media surfers that have differing online schedules or timezones.

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