30+ E-commerce Strategies to Grow Traffic, Conversions, Sales, and ROI in 2014

Now that the New Year is upon us, it’s time to ramp-up and expand online marketing and social media marketing channels. Below you will find practical strategies designed to increase website traffic, social media engagement, and on-site conversion rates, which leads to more sales, revenue, and profit.


Website Tune-up Ideas:


  1. New Years themed main graphic (on the home page) – Special promotions. Killer sales. Free Shipping is the #1 promotion that motivates consumers. “Resolve to save in 2014 with these Killer Deals!”

  2. New Years themed company logo. Adding a little graphical flair to your logo for the New Year. Maybe it’s  time for a branding re-refresh!

  3. Launch a “New Years Deals” page on the website that can be linked to with a graphic on the homepage, header or side column. And promoted via email and your social networks.

  4. Refresh your header/footer promotions – your website’s header and footer are good places to advertise promotions. Make sure you are effectively using your header with phone number, tag line, logo, navigation, and special offers.

  5. Free Shipping Offer – consumers love free shipping, it’s the #1 promotion in ecommerce. Push it in emails, website graphics, social network pages, live chat, and the phone sales center. Whatever your promotion, make sure all your departments are mentioning it to your prospective customers.

  6. A/B testing – on product pages, homepage, and other important pages to boost conversion rates and see what works best. We use a couple of the top tools to run A/B testing on client’s websites.


Online Marketing Campaigns:


  1. Retargeting Banners and Facebook Ads – make sure your retargeting banner ads and Facebook retargeting ads are using a New Year theme with a trackable promotion and call-to-action designed into them to be more effective. If you need a good retargeting company let me know. We are retargeting on Facebook now with Adroll, and doing slide-out on-site offers with SteelHouse. SteelHouse has their own ad server for retargeting so banner ads with higher click through can be achieved with SteelHouse retargeting. It’s for bigger budgets but has some killer functionality.

  2. Product Catalog – Make sure your product catalog feed is all updated so it can be syndicated to the shopping engines and tracking the conversions. We are using GoDatafeed.com to track conversions from shopping engines and making sure the feed is formatted properly. Less than $100/month to use their service. Adds it to a few or several shopping engines.

  3. Site Speed/Server Load – Make sure your website server can handle the influx of traffic very well and is loading as quickly as possible at all times. NO EXCUSES POLICY needs to be in effect. Nothing kills conversions like a slow loading website. Check into “load balancing” and server error reporting, to keep an eye on it. Use website monitoring alerts so you know when your site goes down.

  4. Abandoned Shopping Cart Follow-ups – Use automated, abandoned shopping cart follow-up emails to convert more visitors into sales. We have a couple of providers for that.

  5. SEO – Content/Blog Posts – posts about New Years resolutions and deals, ex. 10 Top New Year Resolution Ideas for the Family. I have a team of writers for blog posts, we do articles at $39/each for a 400 word optimized post. We also do online press releases through PRWeb.com.

  6. SEM – Paid Search – making sure your paid search ad content and keyword campaigns are updated with New Years offers especially for your branded terms. Expanding keyword lists into New Years-related product and niche search phrases. I have 12 years of paid search management experience, let me know if you want me to analyze your Google Adwords or BingAds accounts.

  7. Affiliate Marketing – Freshen up banners, text links, and offers/promotions with New Years offers. Recruit new affiliate partners. My agency is the leading affiliate agency on the CJ.com network. I have personally been managing affiliate programs for 12+ years.

  8. Mobile Website – make sure you have a good mobile version of your website live, I recommend mShopper or dudamobile.com for an automated mobile site. But there are other plug and play solutions if you don’t have a custom built mobile app.

  9. Pro-Active Live Chat – I LOVE this tool!! Pops up from the footer on all visitors with a nice message stating, “Welcome, can we help you with anything?” We are now providing Live Chat support as an agency service to boost conversion rates. It’s an info first, promotion second chat management strategy that adds the human element to your web traffic, tracked with coupon codes. This is a proven strategy to increase conversion rates and boost interaction. You can handle the chats internally or we can with some logistical training and review.


Social Media Strategies:


  1. New Year or Valentine’s Day-themed Sweepstakes or Photo Contest – NEW iPad Sweepstakes! My agency launches and manages social media strategy for some our select clients. We do quite a lot of sweepstakes and contests to grow and excite fans, followers, email opt-ins, and web traffic. You could do an amazing New Years Sweepstakes or Valentine’s Day Photo Contest to increase fans, email opt-ins, and viral sharing. It’s also a great strategy for converting your email databases into fans on Facebook so you can engage with them there. Typical budget would range between $500-2500 for a contest, depending on how big and exciting you wanted to go with the sweepstakes. We use a sweepstakes tool called Woobox.com which is $29/month and handles all of the functionality. All you have to do is fund the prize budget and we can handle all the design elements for you. These can be promoted on your website, on your fan page with Promoted Posts, and to your email databases. Not to mention when the winners get their prize we ask them to share a picture on the fan page holding their prize which is promoted on Facebook. Press releases can also be done for the sweepstakes to boost reach.

  2. New Year-themed Fan Page Cover images

  3. Refreshed Fan Page profile thumbnail

  4. Facebook Fan Advertising – consider allocating budget to advertise for more fans on Facebook through 2014 so you can market deals to more people with “Boosted Posts”. Then using Facebook Offers and Facebook Promoted Posts to monetize your fans and track the ROI of your fan advertising. We can handle this process for you.

  5. Facebook Custom Audience – upload your email databases to Facebook to run advertising against the lists. Very effective for converting prospects into buyer and previous customers into repeat buyers.

  6. Twitter Ads – Add targeted followers, sponsored posts to targeted audience, and NEW Twitter audiences which works like Facebook custom audiences.

  7. Instagram – You MUST be on Instagram with a company page and posting pictures and links to it, with numerous hashtags per post to gain followers.


Email Database Strategies:


  1. Email Creative – Launch a series of New Years-themed email offers. We have design capabilities for HTML solo emails and customer newsletters.

  2. Test Subject Lines – Refine subject lines, include first name in the subject line whenever possible.

  3. Responsive Design HTML Emails – these are mobile friendly emails and a must with the surge in mobile phone usage.

  4. Email Platform – I recommending Listtrak for email database platform management and ROI tracking for email campaigns. I also recommend pop-up email capture on site traffic to grow emails and then sending drip follow-up emails and measure the conversion. It’s an amazing platform and really affordable. Let me know and I will introduce you to them if you want a plug and play solution for email marketing platform. I know how to work with any platform and I have an excellent newsletter editor that works for me, so if you need newsletters or emails created and deployed let me know.

  5. Frequency – I recommend daily deal emails or weekly emails through the New Year. I’m on all the major ecommerce retailer’s email lists, so I see everything they are sending out.

  6. Retargeting Email Openers – this is a newer element of “retargeting” where you can drop a cookie on email openers and then advertise to them on the web and on Facebook via retargeting campaigns.

  7. Don’t be shy – Email is the #1 revenue generator for ecommerce, so make sure not to under-do it.


Bonus! 10 Website Conversion Rate Boosting Strategies:


  1. Customer Referral Program – Free tool called Curebit.com to launch a Thank You page and/or stand-alone customer-referral program sign-up page. Bonobos.com generated 25% of their online revenue with their referral program in 2013.

  2. Pop-up Live Chat – boost interaction with website traffic and provide promotions through proactive live chat.

  3. Pop-up email capture in exchange for a coupon on organic traffic – Listrak.com or JustUno.com for email and/or Facebook Like capture.

  4. Testimonials/Reviews – important to boosting confidence in the website and products.

  5. Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Follow-ups – Listrak, Salecycle

  6. Visitor/non-Buyer Retargeting on the Web and Facebook – Adroll, SteelHouse

  7. Trust Logos – Norton’s Trust Seal, BBB Online

  8. A/B Testing Tools – we can use Optimizely.com or Convert.com on your website.

  9. Internal Email Sending – i.e. frequency, design, subject lines, promotions.

  10. Running Facebook Sweepstakes that can be advertised on the website to collect more visitor data, so they can be remarketed to via email and Facebook.


Let me know when you might want to discuss these suggestions on a call or feel free to share internally and those staff members contact me with any questions. My agency works with companies for outsourced advertising management, working with inhouse staff, and online marketing consulting. Our rates are very affordable, in fact you can’t afford not work with Experience Advertising! Thanks! Evan Weber, CEO

CEO and Founder

Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.