10 Ways to Social Bookmark and Share Your Blog Posts for Broadest Syndication

Social Bookmarking

So you have gotten to the point that you are cranking out several daily blog posts like a beast (or at least weekly, i.e. mini-beast status). Now, how to maximize each fresh content post for the largest exposure is the question! Here are some online places you should “bookmark” and share your post urls to maximize each piece of content:

After post is made in blog or page created on site, take the new post/article url from the address bar and do the following (or use Addthis browser extension):
1. Share on your Facebook Profile and your Fan Page, then ask, “what do you all think about this post?” Or something like that to spark interaction.
2. Share on Twitter same way. Put url through Bit.ly to gain valuable stats/info on the posting. Similar strategy but you have less characters to ask a question, but still attempt to do so or use the post title in the tweet.
3. Digg – submit url to Digg.com. Ask friends to Digg it for you on Facebook and Twitter after you submit.
4. Delicious – submit url to Delicious.com
5. Reddit – submit url to Reddit.com
6. LinkedIn – “Share” on Groups you are joined to. You can join up to 50 Groups on linkedin, you have to check whats there are in our niches…then join those groups so you can share into them (use Addthis browser extension to do this all at once on LinkedIn). Don’t be annoying with it though and be relevant.
7. Google +1 – post to your Google +1
8. Submit to StumbleUpon.com
9. Friendfeed – join and submit to Friendfeed
10. Rewrite the post and title completely and submit to ezinearticles.com, which links to your site in the footer.

These are some great ways to maximize your blogging and content production. Why post without sharing and bookmarking? One you get a good process in place it will go quickly. You can use services like AddThis to make bookmarking easier, they have a really nice Google Chrome extension you can download too!

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