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13 Ways to Maximize New Years for Your Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing, and Social Networking

Monday, January 6th, 2014

New Year Resolution

Hey everyone! I hope you had a really nice 2013 and are ready to crush it in 2014 with your affiliate marketing and online marketing projects. The “New Year” brings a whole flood of potential circumstances and issues into people’s lives that can be targeted with content on websites,  blogs, and social media. People will be actively searching for topics related to their new years resolutions, so make sure to heavily focus on niches like self-improvement to fully capitalize the surge in search volume. Also, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so make sure to start posting content and creating pages about Valentine’s Day topics and products to stay ahead of the curve. So, I wanted to discuss some ways web marketers can take advantage of the New Year to earn more commissions and generate more website traffic. Here is a list of ways affiliate marketers can market online better and be more effective at generating revenue during the Q1 time-frame:


1. Focus on New Years Resolution Products and Services – during the new year time-frame (January 1-April), people are extremely focused on topics like:

  • Losing weight – dieting, eating healthy, healthy lifestyle
  • Quitting smoking – e-cigarettes, therapy, books
  • Finding love – dating, finding a soul mate
  • Getting in shape – fitness, working out, running, lifting weights
  • Finding a new job – switching careers, adding skills, improving your LinkedIn Profile
  • Saving money – switching services, managing money, getting a raise
  • Starting on taxes – finding a tax service, finding a CPA
  • Getting organized – home, life, finances
  • Reducing debt – paying down debt, refinancing credit cards
  • Traveling – planning a trip, planning a vacation
  • Getting Married – finding wedding services of all types, buying attire
  • Budgeting – saving money, managing money
  • Switching/adding – insurances, policies, membership plans
  • Moving – new house, moving services, car moving
  • Kids – new babysitter, nanny, tutoring, education, devices

…and many other related types of life objectives. So make sure to heavily promote “New Years Resolution” oriented products and services on your sites and blogs because they tend to have a large amount of search traffic and covert really well during the Q1 (January through April really) time period. People will be flocking to Google, Bing, and Yahoo to search for various types of content and media like:  information, strategies, videos, and products related to achieving their new years resolutions.  So you want to create content on your websites talking about these types is subjects, so your pages can rank in the search results and you can possibly get those visitors to your site. Likewise, you should be posting on your Facebook Page and tweeting helpful information and articles designed to help people, and also save them money with promotions and coupons from great companies you are affiliated with through the affiliate networks. And what a great time to email your subscribers with helpful articles about new year’s resolutions and how to attain them! Make sure to craft your blog posts, page titles, and content really specifically so you can get search rankings under various keyword phrases related to new years resolutions and the issues associated with them. Set up Google Alerts for certain keyword phrases you are interested in following online, which is a great way to keep yourself up to date on all the latest news and Internet published content about any subject, so make sure to take advantage of that Google’s great!

2. Focus on Building Your Email/Subscriber List –
 Make sure you are prominently displaying your newsletter sign-up, Twitter account, and Facebook Fan Page widget on your sites and blogs in order to increase the overall rate at which you gain new subscribers, fans, and followers. This is always a good idea because you can re-market to your fans, followers, and subscribers throughout the year. Also, running a sweepstakes or contest on your website is another great way to opt-in your site visitors and subscribers and capture their contact information so they can become part of the growing audience you are marketing to and engaging with. If you have a decent amount of site traffic take a look at, which collects name and email via a pop-up widget on your site. It’s a great way to maximize your site traffic and grow your email list. also features Facebook integration which makes for sure fast opt-ins from your site traffic. Email is still the best way to generate web sales, so make sure you are always focused on building your emails lists by offering some value in exchange for their subscriber-ship.

3. Syndicate Your Content Better –
 Once you have written and posted a new review or blog post, make sure you are “syndicating” your content by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Stumbleupon, and your other favorite social networking sites. You should have a process you go through of sharing your new content on your social networks after posting it, which helps each piece of content or page get more exposure and traffic back to your site. By sharing each page or blog post you are spreading it around for others to share or like, which allows their friends to be exposed to your content. I use Hootsuite to post my new pages/posts to all of my social networks at once, it’s a great tool. Also, consider launching online press releases which will build inbound links to your site and can also get your site  additional organic search engine rankings depending on your press release release title and release content. This is a very cost-effective way to spread the word about your site or company. Over time, as you do more releases you will see your traffic increasing from your releases. It’s another way to broaden your content beyond your own website and your social networks.

4. Increase Your Social Networking Presence –
 Always make sure to add new Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, Instagram followers, Foursquare friends, Pinterest friends, and connect with people on forums and other types of sites that allow you to build friends. Make sure to use these sites’ mass friend invite features to really ramp up your connections. Spending time building your connections is always time well spent and will pay dividends in the future. Building more friends and followers is a great idea because you can interact with them later and share your content and pages with them via your status updates. You can never have too many friends, followers, and subscribers to your content. But I don’t recommend buying likes or followers, it will do nothing for you except create headaches down the road. You should be focused on building all of these areas so you have more people overall to market your content to. Rapportive is an amazing tool that connects right in your gmail account and allows you to invite anyone in your email box to connect with you on all their social networks.

5. Message Your Fans and Subscribers More Effectively –
 Now that you have fans and subscribers to your newsletter, what are you messaging them? Make sure you are sending quality, purposeful messages and emails that will be well-received and deliver value. This is a process that should improve over time until you are sending really professional, effective messages to your subscriber bases. Send timely types of promotions and balance your promotions with good content and articles so it will be better received and not perceived as just marketing to them. Try to enrich people’s lives with your website’s wonderful published content and also articles from respected 3rd-party sources. Don’t forget to be super-friendly to your fans and followers and seek to engage them in discussions. Also, polling and surveying your fans is a great way to spur interaction on your Facebook wall and get the sharing ramped up. Try Facebook Boosted Posts, which allow more fans to see and interact with your content…they work great!

6. Build Your “Social Networking Karma” –
 Social networking is the most power tool there is in online marketing to get your content out there, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, so it’s imperative to take advantage of the medium to the fullest. Make sure you are pro-actively interacting with your friends and followers by sharing, commenting, retweeting, and liking their posts (where appropriate). By doing this you will build up a lot of good “social karma”, which increases the likelihood your own connections will share, comment, like, and retweet your content, which helps it go viral and get more traffic. I usually spend a good part of my day going through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn looking for status updates I can interact with. I always notice an uptick in activity on my own content when I do this regularly. This is something you have to work at, to become more effective at interacting with other people. The more you interact with others the more they will interact with your posting which makes it go viral and increases website traffic. Over time, you will build up a tremendous amount of social karma and have an army of people sharing your content with their audiences.

7. Ask for Higher Commissions and Paid Placements –
 Make sure to ask your affiliate merchants and affiliate managers for higher commission amounts in the new year, especially if you have produced for the company in the past or have the capacity to produce in the new year. Most advertisers hold back what they can ultimately payout, so there is room to go up with commission amounts. If they balk at your request, tell them you will go to their competitor and I bet they change their tune quickly. Tell them you can produce more sales if you were at a higher commission rate. Some companies may reward content-based publishers more than other types of affiliates, so if you have an impressive blog or content site you should be able to get a higher commission rate than what is published on the affiliate network. Sometimes you can even get an advertiser to sponsor a contest or sweepstakes you are running, which can be a great way to whip up excitement on your site and social networks. If you have a large enough audience you can create a “rate card” of all of your paid placements, and see which companies you are affiliates with might be interested in getting in front of your audience for a fee. Some options for paid placements include:  solo email advertisement, email newsletter placement, homepage placement, top of side column placement, Facebook Boosted post, Twitter sponsored tweet, Instagram post. Over time, if you build up your audience sizes in their mediums, you can get paid advertisers to buy the placement, with a commissions as well on the back-end sales that are generated.

8. Make Sure to Promote Deals from Your Advertisers
 – People LOVE deals and discounts! In fact, these days they likely won’t buy without one. So make sure you are promoting current deals and coupon codes from your advertisers because people like getting and using deals, not to mention promoting coupons and deals increases the “conversion rate-to-sale” on your click-throughs to companies you are affiliated with. If people come to your site and don’t find promotions or coupons they may go elsewhere looking and some other referrer may get the sale. Promotions and discounts tend to increase the likelihood a visitor will make a purchase, so make sure to offer people coupons and discounts when you promote and share posts about companies. You can mention it’s a special discount and even get a “vanity” coupon code which will match the name of your site. This can increase branding and make people remember your site in the future if they think they can get special discounts through your site.

9. Learn from other Affiliate Marketers –
 Making friends and learning from other affiliate marketers is a great way to further your own knowledge. Don’t be afraid to share what you know with others so you can get ahead together. Don’t get sucked into “make money online” courses and systems, as they usually are worthless and just want your money. There is plenty of free information out there on the Internet to guide your online marketing efforts. Making friends with other bloggers or webmasters can lead to opportunities like guest posts and blog roll links that can help your SEO rankings a little bit. Do your research and see what other websites in your niche look like and what they are doing, and do similar things.

10. Ask for Products to Review (Samples) -
 Reviewing products and services is a great way to provide valuable content for your readers and subscribers. Providing an actual product review can be very effective at selling the benefits of the company or products you are promoting on your site. Also, you can ask for sponsored prizes to give away in your sweepstakes and contests. Check out or Rafflecopter, for inexpensive ways to run sweepstakes and contests. That way you can really ramp up the excitement level on your sites or fan pages. If you can’t get a prize donated, you can try a $25 gift card to kick off the sweepstakes!

11. Produce More Content –
 Content is everything, so make sure to write until your little fingers fall off, or outsource your content writing to get more content written and published faster. Websites tend to rank better in the free traffic results when posting frequent and original content, so don’t be afraid to post several times a day to your site. And make sure you are socially sharing all of your new posts. The more pages of original content you have on your site the more free traffic you can bring in from Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing. So make sure to post like crazy so you can build your free traffic up over time. Look at your site like a house you build bigger and bigger, until it’s a mansion that gets a ton of traffic! Make sure to post about new year resolution oriented topics, issues, and problems during this time of year. Then you can go back next year and refresh those posts for the following year so they stay relevant.


12. Stay Focused - having too many sites or blogs can really put a damper on your efforts to grow on the web. Pick some main sites and really grow them with content.


13. Become a Merchant - becoming a merchant yourself will allow you to sell products online and make a large margin per sale. Check out which allows you to start your own ecommerce storefront. They even have companies you can partner with that will create and fulfill your product sales on things like Tshirts, posters, mugs, and more. Check out Merchify to create your own product storefront.


These are some ways to improve your affiliate marketing efforts in the new year. Let me know if you have any questions at all about these strategies, I would love to review them with you on the phone or email. Now get to it and build out the web with a bunch of great content and share it! Good luck in your 2014 affiliate marketing goals!

Growth of Social Media Advertising Infographic

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Experience Advertising has released an infographic on the dramatic increase in social media advertising.

Growth of Social Media Advertising Infographic

Happy Holidays From!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Thank you for being a part of the HubSpot affiliate team on Commission Junction! The holidays are here and 2013 is approaching. Many of your business savvy viewers may be yearning to start the year with a resolution to amp up their marketing strategies to get that competitive edge in business. Promote and help your website visitors to attract scores of high-quality leads with blogs, social media and search.


  • Sooner you get familiar with the new Facebook page design, the bigger competitive advantage you can gain.
  • Twitter is a place for engagement with followers; but it’s also a place to generate leads and drive new sales for your organization.
  • Download this new guide to access ten quick ways to start building inbound links using social media.
  • Download this new guide to access ten quick ways to start building inbound links using social media.
  • Learn how to grow your email list, ensure deliverability and increase engagement with this free guide.

WildFireApp will Increase Facebook Fans and Customer Loyalty with Sweepstakes, Contests, and Promotions!

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

WildFire is a tremendous advancement in building customer loyalty/retention, growing your Facebook Fans, and increasing viral exposure for your company and brand. I have been using the Wildfire campaign builder for the last year with my own company and our clients. Wildfire will allow you to run all types of sweepstakes and contests to your customers and also on your website to your traffic, which can increase your conversion rate. They have an easy to use wizard for setting up your contest or sweepstakes and it’s dirt cheap to use their platform. You can run a simple ‘Win an iPad from [companyname]” or a $500 shopping spree, can also run video contests and photo contests which people on Facebook can then vote on which makes it go viral. You can actually run 8 different types of contests and promotions. Everything is compliant with Facebook’s regulations.

What I love about the sweepstakes and contest running is that it rockets your Fans on Facebook like nothing I have ever seen. Once you set-up your sweepstakes or contest, you can promote in a variety of ways including: HTML email to your customer file, on your Thank You page (Order Confirmation), add it to your auto-responder emails, create a page in your Fan Page, promote it to your Fans, and even launch a graphic for the promotion in your website’s layout, which will allow you capture more of your site visitors contact information AND get them to Like your Fan Page. Once people enter the promotion it’s posted to their Facebook Wall so all their friends see it, and they can invite some friends from Facebook to check it out after they submit their entry. Wow…there is nothing else out there that can increase the excitement and hype around your company like running a contest or sweepstakes. Don’t be cheap with your prizes as more people will participate the juicer it is. I highly recommend you make WildFire part of your monthly online marketing strategy. Not only will it rocket your Fans, but it will allow your brand to go viral, and also increase your conversion rate when you remarket to the people that enter the promotion and their friends. WildFire is exploding as a company as you can see in the video above. Let me know if you would like to consult with me on your promotion/sweepstakes strategies. Ask to speak to Evan when you call the phone number at the top of this website. I can be hired as an your online marketing consult on a monthly retainer basis. Thanks and have a great week!

10 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Company, Website, or Blog on Facebook

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Facebook has quickly become the dominant social network on the Internet landscape, so you absolutely have to be leveraging Facebook for all you can as a business, website owner, or blogger. Facebook keeps changing, so you have to stay on top of what you can do to maximize your presence on Facebook to generate as much traffic and exposure as possible. Facebook represents the best way for your content to go viral and snare in throngs of people you can communicate with around your brand or site. I don’t think you can ever have enough resources devoted to your social media strategy, but Facebook is definitely where you want to spend the major of your time and money promoting your site or company. Here are some of the top ways to maximize Facebook for your company, website or blog:

1. Social Plug-ins – Facebook has continued to evolve their “social plugins” which allow you to tie Facebook into your site in several ways. I think the most important one right now is the site commenting plug-in that allows people to comment on your site’s content and then shares it to their Facebook Wall. Another great one is the automatic site registration, I see a lot of advanced sites using that. The Like button on all your product details pages or blog posts is a must. This is an incredibly powerful way to help your site or blog go viral. Here is the complete list of current Facebook Social Plug-ins. Social plugins are a must and should be integrated into your website everywhere possible, as long as it’s called for.

2. Fan Page Management – If you are a business, website, or blogger, you absolutely need to run and administrate your Facebook Fan Page. Once you have your Fan Page set-up you are ready to recruit fans by getting it out in front of people. But how should the Fan Page actually be managed and by whom? That’s surprisingly a tough question. You can handle it internally or outsource your Fan Page management, but whoever is assigned to it needs to be the right person with the right strategy. Fan Page management should be done with a very pro-active, friendly, informative, and interactive approach, otherwise you won’t be able to solicit your fans to comment, share or like your content, which is squandering the entire opportunity. For instance, if you post a quote from Albert Einstein, you should ask “what do you all think about this quote?” after the quote to provoke a response. Remember, the more interaction and responses you provoke, the more people will actually see your content on friends’ Walls and potentially interact with it themselves or share it to their Wall. I’m pretty fussy about Fan Page management in general, I don’t think 99% of companies do it very well, which is most likely just that their strategy and technique isn’t as interactive or engaging as it could be, nothing personal. If you are a fan of a lot of companies you probably know what I mean. So make sure you have really friendly, out-going, amazingly interactive and pro-active people managing and posting to your Fan Page. Frequency depends on your overall strategy, but I think in general 5-10 posts a day is a good amount, as long as they are purposeful and relevant posts. Don’t post just to post, but frequent posting is recommended.

3. Facebook Sweepstakes and Contests – one of the best things you can do to pump up your Fan Page and inspire new fans is to run sweepstakes and contests. People love to enter sweepstakes and contests to win things, especially online, and especially if it’s quick and easy to do so. I love a Facebook App provider called Wild Fire, which allows you to run 8 different types of contests and sweepstakes for a nominal fee. They handle all the tracking and reporting which is amazing, and they also give you the data of the people that entered your promotion. Some of the cool features of Wild Fire are that when someone enters they are asked to Like your Fan Page, post it to their Wall, and then they can send a few invited to their friends….all of which helps it go viral! I recommend running monthly contests to our clients and don’t be cheap! The better the prizes, the more uptake it will get and chances to go viral.

4. Encouraging Customers to Fan – Most companies have databases of customers, subscribers, referrals, and other types of databases that have been acquired of the years. Whatever your database sizes, you should absolute send them a nice email piece encouraging them to join your Facebook Fan Page. It definitely helps to offer some kind of incentive to increase their likelihood of become a fan, but in general this should be done periodically to your entire database to build fans. Try to be creative with it. Definitely include join our fan page verbiage in your weekly/monthly newsletters as well. If your website sends out any types of auto-responder emails, you can integrate “Join our Facebook Fan Page” copy or graphical buttons to make the suggestion. Also, incorporating this same type of thing into your Order Confirmation or Thank You pages can be effective at increasing your rate of uptake when acquiring new fans. Leave no stone unturned when incorporating this type of suggestion into the fabric of what you do. Companies like 500Friends, on the pre-transaction side, and CureBit, on the post-transactional side, can turn new customers into instant advocates and promotion spreaders. I definitely encourage merchants to check out these companies (and mention I recommended it!).

5. Facebook Advertising – Facebook advertising represents the greatest opportunity to target your products or company in general to the Facebook audience. They have excellent targeting options that allow you to hone in on your ideal customer and advertise directly to them. For instance, if you are a flower shop in Fort lauderdale, Florida, you can advertise to males, between the ages of 30-50, that live in Fort Lauderdale zip codes. People who you think would buy flowers locally. You can also do this nationally and get more broad with it. You can also include targeting by people’s Likes and Interests on Facebook to further specify the types of people you want to see your ads. Facebook advertising is on a cost-per-click (like Google paid search) or a CPM (cost per thousand ad impressions). It’s debatable which works best, but regardless you should be tracking all the clicks with electronic tracking or sending them to a special page to see a promotion for Facebook visitors. That way, you can tell whether the business came from Facebook ads and gauge your ROI (return on investment of the campaign). Once you know your ROI you will know what you can afford to spend to generate more customers to your website. In order to make this type of advertising work most effectively you have to do things like: offer special promotions, vary/rotate ad copy, vary ad images, and split-test your landing pages. I recommend using a website optimization tool like Optimizely to increase your website’s conversion rate prior to advertising on Facebook and spending the money.

6. Fan Page Advertising – You can also advertise specifically for Fans on Facebook. This is another great way to build your overall fans and should be running every month to some extent, whether it be a little or a lot. You can never have too many good, targeted fans. It’s said that fans spend 4x as much as non-fans, so that’s all the reason in the world to advertise for fans on Facebook. Again, you can really target who will see you ads. I sort of classify this under branding, with sales attached at a later date, because your ROI to acquire new fans can’t really be measured right away. But it’s still a great thing to do in my opinion and every company should budget a certain amount per month towards advertiser for fans. Like anything you are putting money towards, it has to be managed and worked to get the most out of it and how effectively that’s done is up to whomever you have manage it.

7. Sponsored Stories – Sponsored Stories are the latest thing Facebook has rolled out for advertisers. Here is a live Webinar overview of Sponsored Stories and how it works. I just started advertising through it so I don’t know how effective it will be but it look like it has a ton of potential to open up more targeted advertising.

8. Fan Messaging and Marketing – Once you have your fans built up you can start messaging them through your Fan Page Admin area under Marketing. You can send them all an email with a message, promotion, and links to whatever you want. Keep it in moderation though and don’t get nuts with it or you will alienate people. When you decide to run your contest or sweepstakes you can email all your fans and let them know about it, as well as posting a status update with a link to the promotion. There’s also a Facebook fan invite feature in the admin area, where if you have a csv file of a database it will tell you who is already on Facebook and send them an invite to you fan page. You should have some kind of strategy for when you message you fans and have a purpose behind it or it won’t really be as effective as it can be.

9. Facebook Strategy – If you have a Fan Page you should definitely have a concrete, flexible strategy in place to maximize your presence. Every month (or week even) your strategy should be changing and adjusting based on the previous months results, gauging whether you were either too aggressive or too conservative with your spends and resources you have allocated to it. Make it part of your weekly meetings with your executives or staff, and most definitely make it the primary focus right behind your Search strategy.

10. Looking Ahead – Facebook is changing and evolving on a daily basis, so you have to stay on the cutting-edge of what can be done on Facebook to maximize your presence. Staying up with sources like Mashable is essential to evolving your own strategy based on what’s working for companies, case studies, and new technologies for instance. Stay up to date with social media news and you will always be coming up with new ideas to grow your own social presence.

Facebook is an ever-evolving platform that is the dominant player in social networking, so you have no choice but to completely embrace it and work it to maximize what you can do there to make your brand more pervasive. These are some ideas that have worked for me, but there is ALWAYS more that can be done in this day and age. I encourage you to focus you efforts on maximize your social presence because it’s always a work in progress that should get a little bit (or a lot) bigger every month. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!!

How to Maximize and Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Hey all! I wanted to touch on some ideas related to managing and growing a Facebook Fan Page. If you haven’t created your Facebook Fan Page you can do so here. Maintaining a Fan Page is great idea for any business, club, organization, cause, personality, or anyone that is looking to gain fans for a group. The nice thing about a Fan Page is it grows over time and can be “worked” to make sure it’s a fun and exciting place people want to check out frequently and put in their opinions and ideas. The point of build a Fan base is so you have people you can interact with that can become passionate fans and representatives and tell everyone they know! Here are some tips to make sure you are leveraging Facebook Fan Pages to the utmost:

1. Welcome Screen – Having a customized Welcome tab is a great idea to dress up your Facebook Fan Page to new visitors. It’s nice to have because you can add functionality to it as well as instruct your potential new fans to “Like” your page. There is a nice free tool for adding a Welcome screen to your fan page here.

2. Left Side Graphic – Another area that you can customize is your left side graphic of the Fan Page. Most companies will make a nice tall graphic that is customized to advertise their current promotion or to be a seasonal graphic of some kind. You can play around with your left side graphic and keep it timely which tends to work best.

3. Discussions Area – The Discussions area of your fan page should really be a primary focus of building out your Fan Page with more content and topics. The really nice thing is the Discussions area tends to rank well in Google, so any topics you put up there will get into the the search results and can lead to traffic to those discussions and eventual new fans or even business. Make sure to encourage your fans to participate in your discussions by messaging them to do so and also running contests and promotions, like “whoever makes the best response wins a gift card.”

4. Email Messaging Your Fans – Messaging your Facebook Fans is a great way to keep them engaged with your current content and promotions. In order to email message all of your fans at once you have to go into your Fan Page under: Edit Page (under left graphic) > Marketing > Send Update. You can then write your subject and content and email all your fans. Make sure not to email fans too much and send them good info or they leave your fan page.

5. Fan Page Advertising – Probably the best way to build your Facebook Fans is to advertise on Facebook itself for more fans. The nice thing is you can target who will see your ads by people’s Like and Interests. So for example if you are advertising your Flower Shop’s fan page you may want to run ads to people in your store’s zip code that are Liked to Flowers or 1800flowers, so you know the people seeing your ad are interested in what you offer. There are many things you can target so you have to try different Likes and Interests and see which creates more fans for you at the least cost. I have found that fan page advertising is a tremendous way to build your targeted fans. Facebook fan page ads are on a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousands impressions (CPM). You have to see which “backs-out” to the lowest average cost-per-click (CPC) and then run with that.

6. Posting Status Updates – Once you have some fans you can post your status updates which will keep your fans informed about all the current happenings you want to share with them. You can post links, webpage urls, photos, videos, and any other media that you want to share with your fans. The nice thing is when your fans Like, Comment, or Share your status updates their friends see that and it can go viral if it’s compelling enough. Don’t hammer your fans with too many status updates or they will leave your fan page. Posting links in your status updates can put it into the News area of people’s status updates which can get more views and action. I recommend no more than 2-5 status updates per day, if that.

7. Contests and Promotions – the best part about running a Facebook Fan Page is that you can run fun and exciting contests and promotions to your fans and get them moving into action. Many companies will do free giveaways, special coupon promotions, and survey contests to engage with their fans and increase overall interaction and sharing. Companies like Rita’s Italian Ice have been able to leverage free promotions to build their fans into the hundreds of thousands. Every company or group will be different but everyone should be running contests and promotions to try to motivate their fans into action and create excitement.

8. Mass Friend Invites – If you know me, you know I love mass friend invites. It’s the best way to auto-select and blast all your Facebook friends about your fan page. The cool thing is all your new fans and do the same thing and it can really increase exposure if you are able to get your fans to invite all of their friends to your fan page. There is a little piece of code that should be pasted into the main browser window after you have selected to invite your friends, then you just write a little message and blast way! Here is a great article that explains how the process works.

9. Interacting with Fans – whether you mange 10 fans or 100,000 you should be seeking to interact with them as much as possible. Make sure whoever is managing your Fan Page is really friendly and proactive. Also because they are representing your company or organization they should be really competent at writing and responding. Make sure to be as friendly and outgoing as possible because that approach is always well-received. Every opportunity to interact with a fan should be maximized and taken seriously, as they could become a vocal representative for your Fan Page.

These are some suggestion for building out and improving your Facebook Fan Page. It takes a lot of work to do it properly but will pay big dividends in the end. Make sure whoever is managing your Fan Page is a competent, pro-active, passionate, and super friendly person that takes it very seriously and does a great job. Check out what your competitors are doing with their Fan Pages and then emulate and improve upon that. I hope you enjoyed this little article…feel free to leave me your comments and suggestions…and of course share it! thx!