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4 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Websites Sites

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a nice week. I wanted to put together and share some of the strategies I use to build organic, or free traffic, to my sites. These aren’t rocket science and pretty much as whitehat as you can get. Let me know if you are using these strategies or if you would like to add to these organic SEO strategies please feel free to do so.

1. Unique Content Every Day – I think most people that have been in organic search a while would agree that frequently posted, original content is the best strategy you can use to get more free traffic to your site or blog. If you look at sites like Mashable, the leading Social Media resource, they are posting 30-40 new articles a day to their site, which builds the site much larger every week and basically posts their new pages into Google search results in seconds. This is what you want to acheive with any site, that instant search results effect with your content. Think of how much more traffic you can generate with more pages of content. But content has to be written by someone, I usually suggest outsourcing your content production to people like Mommy Bloggers that you can approach and Facebook friends that want to write for extra money, at around $10-15 per article. If you can’t do the outsource thing, you just have to power out as much content on as many different subjects as possible, depending on what you are promoting with your sites or blogs. I’m pretty much a WordPress enthusiast, so consider making WordPress your content management platform of choice for ease of posting and they have wonderful free templates available.

2. Sharing Your Content – Sharing is the best way to increase the exposure of your site’s content, especially in this Social Networking day and age. There is so much opportunity to have other people you know or are connected to share your content with people they know. The more compelling a piece of content, the more likely it will get shared and shared again. Also, the more you share other peoples content, by doing things like: Liking their post, Sharing their post, commenting on their post, and retweeting their post, the more they will share your content. Kind of like Karma I supposed, but it really is true that the more you do that for other people the more they will do it for you, I know this from experience. Some of the best places to share your content are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups and Digg. There are other but these are my mainstays. I do submit to social bookmarking sites too like Delicious, Reddit, and Google Bookmarks, but there is some question as to how much this benefits your content, although I personally think it helps in the long run to build inbound links and get a few more rankings from their sites.

3. Keyword Research – Its important in planning a new site or blog that you know what keywords are the most popular for that niche. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to mine the most popular phrases and related popular phrases so you know what keywords to focus your site on and the content you will create. This will yield popular keywords and more obscure keywords, but at the end of the day you need to hit on everything with your content and pages over time. One important thing to remember is to be focused with your site on your core topic initially and then you can get more expansive in related keywords as you go along posting. Hitting on more obscure keywords in your page titles and content can pull organic rankings usually easier than more popular keywords with a newer site. Over time, as you hone your site into a powerhouse of content and good optimization you may rank well under your core keyword phrases, but this is a work in progress that has to be improved over time with good SEO strategies in place.

4. Link Building – I wanted to cover Link Building a little bit because it’s a mysterious topic for most affiliate marketers and there is a lot of information and misinformation out there about it. My stance on link building is it’s a worthy thing to work on for you sites within reason. Some of the best ways to build link in my opinion are: good blog comments, forum post frequency with signature in place (keep your posts great though), blogroll links you can trade other bloggers for, online press releases (which contain a couple hyperlinks in the text), and social bookmarking. All of these methods are free (except press releases) and worthwhile to do once you set-up a procedure for doing them. Like anything, what you put into it is what you get out of it with your link building, and it grows over time so you have to stick to it and the rankings will improve. I mean it can’t hurt really to build links in these ways. Don’t be obnoxious with it though as one piece of advice.

These are just some ways to improve your organic search rankings and get more free traffic. I tried to keep it practical, so let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything. Feel free to comment! thx!

5 Ways for Affiliate Marketers to Drive Free Traffic to their Websites or Blogs

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Affiliate marketing is an ever growing industry that allows people to earn income through their websites and blogs primarily. Now with the advent of social networking, affiliate marketers have another method for generating traffic to their websites and blogs. Here are some of the ways affiliate marketers, regardless of experience level, can leverage website content and social networking to dive traffic to their websites and generate commissions. Here are 5 great, free ways to generate traffic to your sites or blogs:

1. Content Posting – whether you do it on a blog our website (I personal think blog posting is quicker and more efficient), content or article posting is the best way to generate free traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Some affiliates build “niche” websites or blogs that focus on a particular topic or theme, which can make coming up with article ideas easier. If you run a site/blog that is more general in nature like a coupon website, you can post unique “merchant reviews” which describe various Advertisers that you are affiliated with and their current coupon codes. So content or article posting is an extremely effective way to generate free traffic to your site, but make sure it’s all original and unique, otherwise it likely won’t be valued as highly by the search engines or ranked as well in the free traffic listings. I recommend daily content posting to be most effective.

2. Social Bookmarking – this is one of the most under-appreciated methods of marketing online and leveraging your website’s content. Social Bookmarking is basically submitting your article or blog post urls (page addresses) to various websites that have been known as web 2.0 sites. Some of them include Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Reddit. Once you have posted a new article on your site you can then submit the url of the page to these sites and they will then become listed on the site. You have to join each site first before you can post links. Then, other people can bookmark them as well which can increase the popularity and traffic each article receives. If you are connected to other people that do social bookmarking you can bookmark each other’s articles, or in the case of Digg you can Digg each others articles which can get them more visibility and rankings. The bookmarked articles will build up their own inbound links through the bookmarking and may even rank on the bookmarking sites themselves which can lead to additional organic rankings.

3. Blog Commenting – One of the best ways to generate inbound links to your site or blog is to comment on other people’s blog posts. You really have to do a good job when leaving comments because they will be “moderated” which will determine whether the comment will be published to the site, so make sure to leave a quality blog comment and have something valuable to contribute otherwise it will be a waste of time. The nice thing with blog commenting is you can list your name, email, and site url, which adds inbound links to your site. You can use Google Blog Search to find related blogs to yours that rank well and then comment on those. Another nice feature is that you can usually select to receive an email when someone else comments which will lead you can to leave another comment which allows another link to be posted. Doing this in high volume is a must and it takes effort, so make sure to go about it right and it will pay dividends with improved organic rankings and additional traffic. how many links and clicks you build is in direct relation to how much you do it so do it in volume and make it part of your daily routine if possible.

4. Social Networking – social networking is taking over the Internet so why not get into the fray and leverage it for all its worth? Facebook and Twitter and the 2 big social networks and where you should probably be spending the bulk of your social networking. Make sure to add friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter as much as possible because it only expands the number of people you can exposure your content and articles to. Also, when people “Like” your articles on Facebook their friends see that and could like it themselves which allows it to go viral. Similarly on Twitter, the people that are “following” you can “retweet” your content and it gives it more exposure. Another aspect of social networking that is a must are Facebook Fan pages. Fan pages are great because it allows you to build up your own community on Facebook that can grow over time. You can message all your Fans via email and through message posting through “status updates”. So go out and add a bunch of friends of Facebook and followers on Twitter so you can leverage your content to them and generate more traffic to your sites or blogs.

5. Online Forums – joining online forums is a great way to connect with others like-minded people in your niche and learn more about whatever you’re interested in. The really cool thing about forums is that you can set-up your “signature” which gets posted under every forum comment you leave or new topic you post on the forum. Most forums allow you to add a few links to your websites or other personal information like your Facebook profile link or Twitter name. Therefore, the more posting you do on the forum the more links you can build up to your site, Facebook friends you can add, Twitter followers you can add, and clicks from other forum members to your site. Forums are also great because you can learn so much from other people and generally have a great time. Similar to blog commenting, forums will send you an email when someone responds to your comment or topic which encourages you to return to the forum to comment again, which adds more links to your site. Inbound links to your site tend to make it rank higher in the “natural” or free traffic listings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

These are some free ways to increase your website or blog traffic. All of this takes work and the more you put into it the more effective it will be. All of these methods work in conjunction with each other and should be done as much as possible to increase your traffic. Over time, you will build up a tremendous amount of content on your site, inbound links, and organic rankings which will lead to affiliate commission via the banners and links on your site. Please let us know if you have any questions about these free traffic generation methods. We look forward to hearing from you! Now go out there and build out the web!