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December 14, 2007

Insurance Affiliate Programs – Best Converting and Paying

Author: expadv | Filed Under Affiliate Programs

Some of the best revenue producing affiliate programs are insurance offers. Insurance affiliate offers generally have a high demand, good conversion rate, and decent payout. There are a tremendous number of topics you can blog about or build a page on your website about health insurance or other types of insurance. Millions of consumers are looking to either get an insurance policy or research their options when switching. has probably the best converting insurance affiliate program out there. They pay out $6 per lead on all valid leads on a very short form so the conversion rate is high. Targeted traffic to their website converts between 10-25% of click-through s depending on the traffic source. Many affiliates like working on a cost per lead model because the conversion rates are higher than a credit card purchase and it usually backs out to a higher effective cost per click metric. Insurance affiliate programs are also good because if someone is looking for health insurance they many be interested in auto, life, homeowners or other types of insurance and the affiliate gets paid every time a lead form is filled out. Insurance affiliate use ppc quite a bit to drive traffic and make per lead revenue. We recommend the affiliate program.